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©2014 C. D. Padro

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Peace Flies (Action  Adventure) OPTIONED

A tongue-in-cheek sci-fi of a lethal cat and mouse game between global interests as they maneuver to acquirer a formula, which converts the core nature of humanity to a higher state of consciousness - delivered by a common fly.

The Odyssey of Black Mary (Biographical) IN REVIEW

A two-part biopic of a heroic pioneer woman, born into slavery; and her life’s journey and extraordinary providence.

Animal Thoughts (Thriller) IN DEVELOPMENT

A newly orphaned Bronx boy’s gift for seeing the thoughts of animals takes a turn by revealing a man’s darkest, horrific secrets.

The Scarlet Empress (Musical Comedy) IN DEVELOPMENT

A Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll parity based on the 1934 Josef Van Steinberg film classic starring Marlene Dietrich of a naïve woman who discovers her sexual power to manipulate her rise to become empress of all Russia.

Spirit to Spirit (Drama Thriller) IN DEVELOPMENT

Conflict arises when an ageing contract killer is hired to do away with a world-renowned spiritual prodigy - a nine-year-old girl, whose message, delivered by social networks, threatens the political and religious order of the world.

Eating Republicans (Comedy Horror) IN DEVELOPMENT

A gang of bored suburban teens suddenly become hungry for human flesh.

Revolution 9 (Compilation) OPTIONED

A psychedelic time machine makes it possible for an old hippy and two teenagers to experience Rock & Roll music, of the late sixties and early seventies, in a new fantastic manner.